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Venom ss trike Venom ss trike Venom ss trike Venom ss trike
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Venom SS KIT Stage 2

Parts Breakdown      
Hand layered firberglass body unpainted      
Tubular frame and swing arm powdercoated      
behind mirror Blinkers      
Front steering rack      
steering wheel      
mirror and brackets      
Rod ends for A-arms      
Bolts and washers for rolling kit       
Leather seat covers      
Rear Taillight      
Front and Rear Shocks and Springs      
Jack shaft w/ no sprockets      
swing arm assembly      
rear caliper brackets      
Radiator for Motor      
Brake system with master cylinders      
Pre assembled for rolling      
A-arms top and bottom w/ spindles      
front wheels hotswaps black      
Rear wheel assembly painted black      
$27,995.00 *




  • Fiberglass body panels with barrier gel coat


  • Wheelbase: 9'
  • Width: 6'7"
  • Length 13'
  • Height 4'
  • Dry Weight: 1200 lbs

  • Aluminum wheel 17" x 7.5"
  • 215/35/17 Tire Size


  • Aluminum wheel 20" x 16"
  • 29 x 15 R20  Tire Size


  • Structural 1.5" tubular steel
  • Complete Roll-Cage

  • Triangulated side walls and front crash zone
  • 3 points safety belts with adjustable shoulder strap
  • 4 piston calipers on front wheels
  • Cross-drilled or slotted rotors on all wheels
  • Reinforced safety roll-cage
  • Halogen Hi-Low protection beam
  • High-mount 3rd brake light

  • Unequal opposed triangular arms, shocks dampers with adjustable coilovers and sway
  • Swinging arm, dual shock dampers with adjustable coilovers

  • Engine: Supercharged Inline-4
  • Displacement cu in (cc): 122 (1998)
  • Power bhp (KW) at RPM: 205 (194) / 5300,  300hp as tested
  • Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: 205 (353) / 2000,  235lb torque as tested
  • Redline at RPM: 6300

  • In dash electronic instrument cluster includes: Speedometer, Trip computer w/odometer, trip meter, DTE etc., Tachometer, Oil & engine coolant temp warning lights, Fuel gauge, Flashers indicators, Hi-low beam switch, and Horn
  • Foot pedal activated clutch
  • Gas pedal
  • Brake pedal with front to rear ratio adjustments
  • Rack and pinion (3.5 turns lock to lock)
  • H Pattern shifter with cable shift  linkage
  • Brake pedal with dual fluid container
  • Electric forward and reverse pedal assembly

  • H-Pattern transmission shift
  • Reverse gear
  • Chain Driven rear wheel

PERFORMANCE: 0-60 mph: 3.92 Seconds +
  • Top speed: 150 mph +


* pricing subject to change without notice
** All specifications subject to change without notice


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